Certified True Copy Attestation Services

Certified True Copy Attestation Services | Get Legalized Copies

We at Private Notary Dubai committed the best in certified true copy attestation for our clients in the United Arab Emirates. Our lawyers are skilled in certification and true copy attestation. They make sure your certified copies are valid everywhere. Need a certified true copy of your passport, proof of address, or utility bills?  Our services take care of all your notary attestation needs. This ensures your documents are accepted with ease.

Understanding Certified True Copy Attestation

certified true copy attestation is done by a lawyer. They check an original document, make a photocopy, and sign off that it’s real. They mark the copy with their stamp, signature, and the date.

This process is key for many things like getting a visa, opening a bank account, or moving for immigration. It lets you use a copy of the document instead of the original all over the world.

This ensures the copy you use is just like the original. It’s vital when the real document can’t be handed over. With a certified copy, you can show others a legal version of your document.

At Private Notary Dubai, we specialize in this kind of legal work. Our expert lawyers know all about getting documents certified right. As a result, our customers’ copies are good for use both in UAE and elsewhere. We’re proud to offer top-notch service for all your certified copy needs.

Authorities Issuing True Copies in the UAE

In the UAE, lawyers give certified true copies of documents. They look at the original, make a copy, and then stamp, sign, and date it. This shows it’s a correct copy of the original. Notaries in the UAE do not certify these documents

They just watch as people sign certain documents like powers of attorney etc. Lawyers make sure the copy is real and legal. This copy is then used for many things, like getting a visa or opening a bank account. These certified copies are good everywhere. They are just as good as the original.

Documents Requiring True Copy Attestation

The authorities need for certified true copies of vital documents. This includes passports, utility bills, Emirates IDs, and more. These are necessary for several purposes. For example, to get a second nationality or to open a bank account.

Passports are the most asked for when it comes to true copy attestations. They prove the identity of the person. Other documents like utility bills and driving licenses also need this. They show where you live and who you are.

Bank statements need this too, especially for taxes or buying property. And for studies or jobs, you’ll need your academic and work certificates. These are vital for university admissions and job checks.

Birth certificates are crucial for proving who you are and your family. This info is needed for legal matters and administrative tasks.

Getting certified true copies helps everyone. It makes sure your documents are accepted in all sorts of situations. This goes for both residents and people staying temporarily.

Process of Certified True Copy Attestation

The process of certified true copy attestation is smooth. This ensures your important documents are real. If you need a certified true copy attestation for your passport or other documents, Private Notary Dubai is here to help out.

First, let’s look at how the process works in the UAE:

  • You need to show the original document and a copy to our lawyer.
  • If our lawyer confirms the copy is correct same as original, Then copy gets  stamp.
  • we sign and date the copy to show when it was certified.
  • This stamp shows the lawyer’s name, law firm name, and contact info. So, others can check the copy is real.
  • After that, we return original document, and we give you the certified copy. This copy is as good as the original for most uses.

By following every detail in the true copy attestation documents and true copy attestation requirements, we make sure your certified true copies are accepted anywhere. This helps you make your deals with peace of mind.

Passport True Copy Attestation in UAE

In the UAE, getting a certified copy of your passport is often needed. The steps include:

  • First, a photocopy of your passport is made. This is usually done by a lawyer.
  • Then, the lawyer confirms this photocopy is a true copy of your passport.

This certified true copy is a big help for many. It lets them do things like get another citizenship, open a bank account, or help with official processes easily. Everything is valid and simple for the people involved.

Attestation of True Copies by a Public Notary in Dubai

In Dubai and the UAE, lawyers, not public notaries, handle the attestation of true copies. Public notaries here mainly witness the signing of special documents. These include powers of attorney, memorandums of association, and specific affidavits. However, they don’t issue true copy attestations for items like passports or utility bills. For a true copy certification, the original document must be shown to a lawyer. They will then make a copy and mark it with a stamp, their signature, and the date.

This makes the copy an official certified true copy. Such copies are then valid for use with government agencies, embassies, banks, and more, inside and outside the UAE.

Our team in Dubai specializes in document attestation services. We offer true copy attestation process. With our help, your documents will be correctly certified. They will be accepted worldwide without any hassle.

Common Uses of Certified True Copies

Certified true copies are needed for many things in the UAE and abroad. You often need them for:

  • When applying for a second nationality to countries like Canada, Australia, or New Zealand, expats require certified true copies of their documents.
  • To open a bank account, banks might ask for certified true copies of your passport, utility bills, and other IDs.
  • For filing tax returns, you may need certified true copies of your financial documents for abroad.
  • In real estate deals, such as buying, selling, or leasing a property, you might have to provide certified true copies of titles and contracts use outside the country
  • For entering university or applying to schools, certified true copies of your academic achievements like certificates and transcripts are necessary.

Certified True Copy Attestation for UAE Expats

Certified True Copy Attestation Services

UAE expats often need a certified true copy of their documents for many reasons. This includes dealing with government departments, embassies, and banks. These places usually want copies that have been verified as real. This way, the copies can be used instead of the original documents.

Many expats in the UAE require verified copies of their passports and other vital papers. They use these for things like immigrationbanking, and government transactions abroad. Getting copies certified is crucial for those who need to provide documents to different groups.

Our law firm specializes in helping UAE expats with certified true copy attestation. We have lawyers who are experts in this area. They make sure our clients’ documents get the right certification, making them valid in the UAE and abroad.

Attestation ServiceRequirement
ImmigrationCertified true copies of passports, birth certificates, and other identity documents are often required when applying for a second nationality or permanent residency in countries like Canada, Australia, or New Zealand.
BankingBanks Back Home country frequently request certified true copies of passports, utility bills, and other identification documents when opening a bank account or conducting financial transactions.
Government TransactionsCertified true copies of documents such as property deeds, commercial licenses, and tax returns may be required when conducting various government-related transactions outside the UAE
Our law firm is a top choice for UAE expats’ certified true copy attestation needs. We’re dedicated to making your paperwork hassle-free. Our team ensures your documents are verified and acceptable. This smooths your transactions and makes life as a UAE expat simpler.

Notarization vs. Certified True Copy

It’s important to know the difference between notarization and certified true copy attestation in the UAE. Notarization involves a notary public witnessing the signing of a document or proving it’s real. However, Notary Public do not provide true copy attestations for documents like passports or utility bills.

The big difference is in what they can do. Notaries can check your signature and validate documents but do not certify copies. For this, you need a lawyer who knows the legal steps for making a true copy. Lawyers offer this service, ensuring your copy is legally accepted.

NotarizationCertified True Copy Attestation
Process where a notary public witnesses the signing of a document or verifies its authenticityProcess where a lawyer verifies an original document, creates a photocopy, and certifies that the photocopy is an accurate representation of the original
Notary publics in the UAE do not issue true copy attestationsLawyers in the UAE are responsible for certifying true copies of documents
Notary publics can only witness signatures and validate document authenticityLawyers have the legal expertise to ensure the certified true copy meets all requirements for acceptance by government departments, embassies, banks, and other entities
Knowing about notarization and certified true copies helps UAE residents. It ensures you get the right legal papers for your needs, like for moving, banking, or other major actions.

Services Offered by Private Notary Dubai

Key Takeaways (Certified True Copy Attestation Services)

  • Private Notary Dubai offers expert-level certified true copy attestation services in  Dubai
  • Our team of lawyers and certified notary are highly experienced in the field of document certification and true copy attestation.
  • We can provide certified true copies of a wide range of documents, including passports, proof of address, utility bills, and identity forms.
  • Our services cover all types of notary attestation needs in the UAE, ensuring your documents are properly certified and accepted worldwide.
  • Clients can rely on our commitment to quality and efficiency in handling their certified true copy attestation requirements.