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Private Notary Dubai

Private Notary Dubai offers you eas for all type of notary needs! Get your document notarized from us within the same day. Our legal team will provide free consultation over your documents and Start Notary Process

  • Power of Attorney
  • Legal Notices / Evication Notices
  • Wills
  • NOCs
  • Memorandums
  • Certification Services (Passport, Utility bill, Degrees, Certificates, Forms, applications)

Professional Notary Public Services

Searching for a private notary Dubai? Your quest ends here! Our team includes experienced and authorized private notary services. We are provide a variety of notary services to meet your legal documentation in the United Arab Emirates. Private Notary Dubai offers notary services, notary public attestation, certified true copy attestation, legalization, and legal consultation services in Dubai. Our notary services are trusted for accuracy and high standards. Time is precious for our clients, thus we ensure prompt completion. Attention to detail is our mantra, so there are no unexpected surprises. This careful approach defines our services, making us a top choice among clients.

Whether it’s Commercial documentsproperty document, or other crucial paperwork that needs notarization, we are here for your assistance. We ensure efficient and confidential services for every client.

In Dubai, There are private notary Services for keeping up with rapid progress. This change links with making government services smarter and more efficient. Companies like us are authorized to offer private not lary services. Our company is certified to do notarization of documents. This means our clients can rely on the legality and validity of the documents and transactions we handle.

Getting notarized documents is vital. It adds legal weight and trustworthiness to agreements, contracts, and statements. This process helps in making key documents and deals more reliable and enforceable.

Private Notary Dubai is proud to offer many notarization services. We meet the different needs of our clients with care. Our skilled legal consultants and certified notary ensures every service is accurate and efficient. We can notarize many agreements and contracts. This includes company memorandums, POA, Legal notice and more. We care about their legal validity and have the expertise to notarize them.

Needs of Notary Services

Private notary in Dubai

Attestation of Legal Notices, Declarations and POA

Professional Notary Public Services

At Private Notary Dubai, we are proud to offer professional notary public services that are known for their precision and high standards. Our reputation of excellence stems from our focus on detailed work, gaining the trust of our clients. Ensuring accuracy and high standards in our notarization of vital documents is our top priority. Each document is carefully reviewed by our team of legal experts. We make sure everything is correct before sealing them, guaranteeing our clients’ peace of mind. Contact us

Understanding the importance of our clients’ time, we aim for timely completion of notarization. Our efficient procedures and dedicated team allow us to manage requests quickly, all while ensuring quality. We provide our services punctually and professionally, without any delay.

We strive to offer more than just notarization services at Private Notary Dubai. We’re dedicated to adding value for our clients by guiding them to additional assistance if needed, whether from our in-house experts or external sources like the Embassy. This helps us create a more complete, tailored service that goes above and beyond our clients’ needs.

Private Notary Dubai | Professional Notary Public Services

At Private Notary Dubai, We offer notary services in Dubai. This includes services like notary public attestation and certified true copy attestation. We also take care of legalization and offer legal consultation. Our clients select us for our accurate and high standard services.

Areas of Expertise

Corporate and Commercial Documents

Our legal team is expert in notarizing important corporate and business papers. They handle things like government filings and contract notarizations. We know how crucial accuracy and compliance are for these business documents.

Personal and Individual Documents

We also notarize personal documents, which is another big part of what we do. This includes things like wills and trusts, to powers of attorney. Our services are designed to meet our clients’ personal document notarization needs fully.

Real Estate and Property Documents

For real estate matters, our firm offers tailor-made notarization services. This includes notarizing legal notices, evocation notices. 

Notarization Process in Dubai

At Private Notary Dubai, we focus on making notarization services easy and quick. We have two main ways to help you – online and in-person services.

Choosing our online option means you can do everything faster. You email us the required documents and we take care of entire process. This saves you time and lets you do things from home or anywhere else you prefer.

Fees for Private Notary Services

We aim for clear and competitive fees for private notary services. at Private Notary Dubai. Our fees are set up to give you great notarization services with no hidden or extra costs. The Services charges includes, Drafting, legal translation, review by legal experts, and notarization

ServiceFee (AED)
Power of Attorney1450
Attestation of Legal Notices /Eviction Notices2000
Consent Travel Letters1200
Passport True Copy Attestation500
Certified True Copy Attestation500-700
Our fees for private notary services can change depending on the document’s complexity and how many copies you need. For a quote tailored to your needs, reach out to our legal team. We are always ready to help.

At Private Notary Dubai, we work hard to be upfront and trustworthy with our fees for private notary services. This way, our clients can deal with their projects without financial shocks. We want to simplify and make the notarization process affordable. We are proud pioneers in private notarization.

Benefits of Using a Professional Notary Service

Getting a professional notary’s service, whether face-to-face or through a Online Notarization platform, has many key perks. For one, a notary acts as a neutral party, confirming the signer’s identity and making sure they sign the document by choice and not under pressure. This step is vital in preventing fraud and making the document legally binding.

Moreover, professional notaries bring in their expertise and advice, making sure the document is filled out correctly and meets all legal standards. When you entrust your documents to a reliable notary, you can rest assured they are handled with care. This lowers the chance of facing issues or disputes later on.

Types of Documents Commonly Notarized

Find a Fast and Reliable Private Notary Service Near You

Using our secure online and our convenient mobile notary services, the notarization process becomes easy and straightforward. We recognize the urgency of certifying your documents swiftly and securely. This is why we aim to offer an experience where you don’t have to worry. If you’re in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates, you can rely on our our Private notary public services. We are dedicated to managing your notary attestation and certified true copy attestation needs with the highest standard of professionalism.

Traditional Notary Services

Before Remote Online Notarization became an option, people primarily used walk-in notaries or mobile notaries. A walk-in notary required individuals to make an appointment to have their documents notarized in person. Mobile notaries, however, would come to the client’s location for the notarization.

Mobile notaries were more convenient, but they charged higher fees. This was because they needed to account for travel costs and the time spent. Both these types of notarization required pre-planning, which could be troublesome for those with busy schedules.

Notary ServiceConvenienceFees
Walk-in NotaryRequires scheduling an appointment and visiting the notary’s office or just walkingGenerally lower fees
Mobile NotaryNotary comes to your location, offering more convenienceTypically higher fees to cover travel expenses and time
Online NotaryRequires documents electronically and process is carried out through E Notary systemTypically, It is mid range option
Recent years have seen the rise of Remote Online Notarization as a significant shift from normal notary practices. It enables the meeting between document signers and notaries, all happening online. This method is carried out through a secure, two-way audio-visual connection. It brings forth a new level of convenience, flexibility, and security benefits.

One standout advantage of online notary is the ability to complete the notarization from anywhere. This saves the time and effort spent on arranging face-to-face meetings or dealing with mobile notaries. The secure two-way connection ensures the notarization’s legality and security, offering reassurance to everyone involved.

As tech-driven solutions continue to shape our world, Online notary services are growing more essential. It allows us to notarize a broad spectrum of documents, from agreements to property documents. All of this can be done quickly and efficiently, with no compromise on legality or protection.

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